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Alpfix Wallpaper AdhesivesAs Alpfix, we provide you with wallpaper glues, domestic and imported wallpapers and tools used in wallpaper application. We act in a way to meet the price and quality expectations of our valued customers in the best way.

We carry out the application and wholesale of the materials we supply from our country or abroad or that we produce ourselves. In these processes, we act with the instinct of eliminating the problems faced by our valued customers in the supply of wallpaper and consumables. We inform you in advance about the problems you may encounter while using our products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the Ministry of Health approved wallpapers are preferred, the wallpapers are not harmful to human health. breathable fiber wallpapers should be preferred on wallpaper. As Alpfix, we are sensitive to human health, we always sell wallpapers approved by the ministry of health.
As Alpfix, the wallpapers we offer for sale are produced using water-based paint and harmless raw materials. In addition, we also have special wallpaper collections for baby and children's rooms.
As Alpfix, almost all of the products we offer for sale have features that can be wiped and cleaned with cloth. Dirt and stains can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp sponge.
Although it varies depending on the product types, the average life of wallpapers is about 20 years.
Put water in a clean bucket. On the one hand, the water is mixed, on the other hand, the adhesive is gradually poured into the water by sprinkling it and mixed for a while.
Apply a generous amount of wallpaper glue once on the back surfaces of the wallpaper, fold in half and then in quarters with the clean surfaces facing outwards.
Approximately 500 g of wallpaper adhesive is required for 15 square meters.